A monetized Limewire was the vision we had for the Bittunes platform..

and Bitcoin gave us the unified global currency to do it.

However, the thing that killed Limewire and the other P2P file sharing applications was ‘copyright infringement’. The P2P file sharing apps were shut down because they allowed the sharing of Record Industry music.

So, for Bittunes the strategy was clear.. We had to totally avoid content from ‘the Music Industry’ and build a new platform for independent music only, where the Artist fully owns the rights.

Bittunes places the Artist at the centre of everything..

Artists are ‘Primary Publishers’, and as such can authorize any kind of distribution of their works. But importantly, Artists and Fans are natural partners, because both embody what each other are looking for. Artists need fans and visa versa, so its only natural that distribution technology and blockchain and crypto technology combine to enable a direct commercial relationship between them.

This is the core mission of Bittunes, to create a kind of ‘monetized Limewire’ for Independent music that rewards fans as the optimal distribution channel for Artists. ~ It will take time for this model to succeed, but we know it is the right one.

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