Music sharing is not dead..

It just got a little side tracked for a while

Bittunes allows users to earn Bitcoin
simply by buying songs

Bittunes has pioneered a system that allows Artists to work in partnership with their fans and share revenue with fans who have purchased that Artist’s tracks.
How does this work? (see 3.3 in the white paper for more detail)

Basically, any user who has purchased a song will go on earning Bitcoin from that purchase, just by being an active member, rating songs and using the app often. This is how microearnings selection works in Bittunes 1.0

Bitcoin will remain the primary currency..

But in Bittunes 2.0 we are introducing the Flex token

The initial function of Flex is that it takes the form of a ‘smart token’ that contains meta information encrypted within its structure as a wrapper, to enable various processes, like bridging between conventional payment systems such as Stripe and crypto currencies like Ether and Bitcoin. With such payment data only readable in the application and not flowing onto the web when Flex is traded. Importantly, Flex can be earned, and is also ‘burned’ to balance supply, (see white paper for details).

Bittunes must cater to everyone..

To become a mass market application, it is also important to find a
balance between the benefits of Bitcoin and token systems and the
reality that there are millions of music lovers who don’t care about
Bitcoin and blockchains, they just want to find and share great music.

There are still many people who have no understanding of
Bitcoin at all..

It was for this reason that we have designed Bittunes 2.0 to have many
aspects in which Bitcoin and Flex are either invisible to the user or not
present at all. One such feature in Bittunes 2.0 is the very innovative
‘Social Songs’  service, (see white paper 5.0 page 16).

The ‘Social Songs’ feature has nothing to do with Bitcoin

But everything to do with free, legal file-sharing..

Beyond that, songs will reveal a ‘people history’ relevant to each user when displayed in the Bittunes interface. This unique feature leverages one of the foundational aspects of Bittunes 2.0, i.e that if an Artist authorizes a song to be able to be shared for free, it can be shared from ‘user-to-user-to-user‘ even outside Bittunes, in a totally unrestricted manner. (NOTE: all recipients join that Artist’s network, and automatically become Bittunes members)

Blockchain integration in Bittunes 2.0

Aside from the technology that supports the Flex token and microearning systems, there is a core blockchain technology foundation that underpins the social songs feature and other key systems.

A simple rights blockchain (Rootstock Sidechain) that records song ownership using the Creative Commons system provides the basis for all song sharing and trading. Then, blockchain ID’s embedded in all audio files mirror that system and provide the basis for a separate lookup utility, independent of the chain. This then dovetails in with the ‘Proof of Traction’ (P.o.T) protocol.

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